Over the past six years, I have spent a lot of time signing agreements, or trying to get agreements signed. The whole process is
painful, slow and expensive.

Why is it so hard to sign an agreement? Why do you need to have a subscription? Why do more users cost more? Why do I need to talk to sales if I want to add more than five people?

For bigger teams organising and collaborating on projects is hard. Modifying documents is hard. Working with clients is hard. Automating common tasks feels complex. If you want to allow customers to “self sign” via an online form, you’ll need to be on the premium plan (for all users).

The rabbit hole goes even deeper. Wait until you need to figure out which plan comes with the features you need. It doesnt s t o p.
Pricing plans have become more complicated than the product, packed with jargon that is hard for anyone to understand.

Siiign will be simpler. 

- no subscription
- no user limits
- no sales team

Want in? Email hello@siiign.com and tell us what you think would make document siiigning easier.